Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tension abounds at the shop when Jeff decides his employees need to start paying for the food they eat on the job. However, broken cookies, dropped items, and generally unattractive consumables are still up for grabs.

To combat his new policy, Stacey and the other employees implement a system of half-destroying food items so that they can eat them. For example:

"Oh, here is a perfectly good croissant. I think I will only eat half of it."

(time passes)

"Oh, here is only half a croissant. This won't do. I had better eat it for free."

Jeff perhaps gets wind of this and plays a trick of some sort, like putting half of a bug in a half-eaten item. Something to that effect. Employees trying to gain free things and discounts will become a recurring theme that annoys Jeff to no end. He may snap from time to time, with hilarity ensuing. Of course.

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