Friday, June 26, 2009

The Gist of the Jelly

Welcome to the first official blog of the wildly popular television sitcom, Mixed Fruit Jelly. If you're looking for this show on TV right now, give us some money to put it there. JUST KIDDING! But seriously.

Mixed Fruit Jelly, as it currently stands in the minds of its creators, takes place in a coffee shop in small-town America. The owner is a middle-aged man (preferably played by Will Ferrell after he gets sick of making movies) who is also a single parent on the city council. He should probably run for mayor at some point against a token wacko conservative.

While most of the half-hour plots center around the owner character, several of his employees also merit their own storylines as their lives take unexpected and dramatic turns--always dragged out into the public sphere of the coffee shop for the sake of comedy.

The title of the sitcom, aside from it's classic goofy implications, comes from a secondary character (the boyfriend-turned-fiance of the only full-time employee) who absolutely refuses mixed fruit jelly with his breakfast. The owner and the full-time employee thus go to great lengths to deliver the hated condiment with varying levels of execution and success.

This blog will mostly be a place to get ideas out--sometimes fully gestated, and sometimes barely fetuses. Most entries probably won't be this long. Then again, maybe they will. It's really the nature of the sitcom beast to keep you guessing. And oh boy, Mixed Fruit Jelly will.

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